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The Man Who Troubles Dictators

Thor Halvorssen is under 40 years of age, yet he is already recognized for the organization he has established back in 2005, known as the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Half Norwegian and half Venezuelan, Thor comes from distinguished family.


His grandfather was a Norwegian consul in Venezuela acting on behalf of the king, while his mother descends from the first Venezuelan president, Cristóbal Mendoza as well as the famous historical figure Simón “The Liberator” Bolívar.


According to The Atlantic, the family also went through their own suffering from the hands of dictators. Thor’s father was previously tortured at Venezuela prison, while his mom was shot at a demonstration against Hugo Chavez, a man who not only had violated human rights, but also started wasting Venezuela’s resources to the point where the country is now facing an economic collapse.


Thor Halvorssen is an outspoken critic of leftist Latin American dictatorships and receives donations from conservative sources. He even claimed that Socialism can lead to violations of the human rights.


The Human Rights Foundation focuses on violations of human rights with a focus on closed societies. Their mission is to “ensure that freedom is both preserved and promoted around the world.” One of the ways they’re doing it is by exposing how dictators seek to improve their images by using celebrities, PR firms, and charitable foundations.
The HRF has already exposed Nicki Minaj’s ties to Angola and Jennifer Lopez’s stay in Turkmenistan. So were Kanye West’s dealings in Kazakhstan. Often, such celebrities perform for dictators for large sums of money. And the HRF is on the watch.

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Lack of Food is Affecting the Diets of Venezuelans

Before the economy went south, Jose Manuel González would go to the butcher and buy a few steaks for himself and cow lung for his dog, now he eats cow lung, too. He is a 55-year-old elevator repairman on a street in the Venezuelan capital.

Now, Venezuelans’ diets consist of whatever they can find, regardless of nutritional value, because of shortages of even the most basic foods.
Main sources of protein like milk, beans, and meat are sold at exorbitant prices due to inflation. Many people are forced to fill up on empty carbohydrates like pasta, rice, and the traditional cornmeal cake.
Nutritionist Héctor Cruces stated that these things can fill you up, but they have little nutritional value.

Last month, a study published on Wikipedia done by Venezuela’s top three universities showed that 12 percent of participants were eating less than three meals a day.
Marianella Herrera-Cuenca, a NGO dedicated to promoting nutrition from the Bengoa Foundation stated that those who have access to three meals have still seen a deterioration of quality in their diets.
Investigators from the Bengoa Foundation said from a sampling of four thousand school-aged kids, 30 percent of children were malnourished and absences from school were increasing.

The nutritionist, Cruces, predicted that several generations of future Venezuelans will be wider and shorter because of lack of calcium and excess carbohydrates.


Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager George Soros Is Preparing For A Global Meltdown

The global economy is on life support, and the prognosis isn’t very good, according to hedge fund manager and economic forecaster George Soros. Soros has been talking about a major global meltdown for the last four years, and it appears the billionaire is making adjustments in his portfolio to protect his assets. Soros recently reduced his stock market holdings by 37 percent, according to an article published by His current stock holdings dropped to $3.5 billion. The interesting news about Soros and his sell-off is he bought $241 million worth of gold mining shares. And George Soros has option contracts of 2.1 million shares of SPDR 500 EFT Trust. That’s the exchange-traded fund that tracks the S&P 500 index.

Soros has a history of being ahead of the curve when it comes to buying and selling assets. In 1992, he surprised the Bank of England and bet the pound sterling would depreciate against the U.S. dollar and the German mark. George Soros won that bet, and his fund picked up more than $7 billion on that deal. Soros pocketed 20 percent of the $7 billion for managing the fund. He made more than $1.4 billion on that trade, and he hasn’t stopped making money since then. published an article recently that pegs Soros worth at $24 billion, but it’s hard to know exactly how much Soros is worth. See: All his financial transactions are not made public, but Forbes claims Soros is worth enough to be one of the wealthiest people on the planet.
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The fact that Soros is moving money into gold mining is a smart move since central banks around the world are buying gold again. Other hedge funds are also getting into the precious metal market because they believe the Soros prediction is fact, not fiction. The main reason for the Soros move is China’s inability to get their economic issues under control. China has more than $3.5 trillion in capital reserves, but the government is spending those reserves at an alarming rate to keep their stock market solvent and to fortify their currency on the exchange market. Mr. George Soros believes the Chinese yuan will lose more than 30 percent of its value over the next three years, and he is betting millions of dollars that will happen.

Not all investors are convinced that there is going to be another 2008 type economic meltdown, but the big hedge fund are preparing for one just in case Soros is right. They know Soros is right more than he is wrong when it comes to investing.

The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an individual who has accomplished many things. Eric Pulier is a businessman, an entrepreneur, an author, and among all, a philanthropist. The intelligence of this individual has made him desirable at the start of an early age. Pulier’s talent for programming computers was discovered in the fourth grade when he began building his first computers. Since then, Mr. Pulier continued on to startup his own database computer company in high school. These early on accomplishments are the reason he was eventually accepted into Harvard University and has excelled since then to become one of the most influential individuals in the world through his computer-based philanthropy.

Eric Pulier, after graduating from Harvard University with a degree in American and English Literature, went on to begin programming philanthropic-based programs. An example of his work occurred in 1991 when he founded and created People Doing Things. This company was created to specifically address relevant issues that include healthcare, education, as well as many other issues around the world. All of these relevant topics are desired by Eric Pulier to find solutions through the use of advanced technology. People Doing Things was the starting point to a long line of philanthropy-based companies with the sole intention of spreading information as well as solutions around the world.

Some of Pulier’s most prideful accomplishments include his development of a chat-based website for chronically ill children in hospitals. This particular development was integrated in over 70 hospitals nationwide for the purpose of enabling chronically ill children to have someone in their same situation to talk to. The features of this development included chatting, posting content, as well as browsing. This large accomplishment eventually got him noticed by Vice President Al Gore who invited him to become a part of a prestigious think tank that was designed to come up with innovative solutions to relevant and worldly problems. Mr. Pulier’s success even made him the chosen individual to execute and lead an exhibition in Washington DC that showed off predictions as well as new technology that will come out from the transition into the 21st century.

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Technology Staffing Firm Diversant

One of the most well known staffing firms for technology is Diversant. For over two decades Diversant has been a leader in matching technology professionals with companies that are looking for such talent. Over the years, Diversant has helped technology professionals start and advance their career. The company has also helped a number of companies find the technology workers they need to efficiently run their technology department. Diversant helps technology professionals such as software developers, systems analysts and network administrators find the opportunities they need in order to get the most out of their career. With values such as discipline, integrity, teamwork and diversity, Diversant is able to help both companies and professionals achieve all of their objectives efficiently.

With its core values, Diversant has established itself as a leader in the technology staffing industry. Diversant emphasizes diversity in which it works with technology workers in various technology specialties as well as career levels. At the same time, Diversant works with companies in a number of different industries that need information technology workers. As a result the firm is able to help a number of people and organizations meet their needs in terms of job placement. Along with diversity, Diversant also emphasizes teamwork in which it works directly with members of the company and technology professionals and companies. This teamwork results in working together to reach a goal of getting the right professional match between workers and companies. Lastly, Diversant is very disciplined as it will continue to work with companies and professionals until a mutual agreement is met in terms of staffing.

The individual who leads Diversant is John Goullet. John has been running this firm for nearly two decades and has helped establish Divesant as a leading starring firm in the technology sector. He has worked in the technology industry for over two decades and has been a consultant for many other technology companies before starting his own staffing firm in 1994. After starting his own staffing firm, he completed a merger with Diversant and became the Principal. As a result he now leads the company on a daily basis to help it reach its objectives in terms of remaining a leader in technology staffing.

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Dynamic Search Partners Success Stems From Long-Lasting Relationships

Keith Mann is the managing director and co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners, a leading Executive search company that provides hedge fund and alternative investment services. The mission of the company is to locate talents and skills set for private equities and hedge fund world. The company has emerged as the most prominent staffing agency that offers its services at all levels and different geographies.

Dynamic Search Partners feature strong ties with major equity firms in global platforms. Since launching of the company back in 2010, Dynamic Search Partners has accommodated more than 2000 distinct clients’ requests and set a distinguished record as one of the America biggest and most reliable investment executive database.

Mann started his career back in 1995, at Dynamic Associates. He served as alternative investment department manager. Keith was responsible for overseeing team research and coming up with alternative investment choices. Due to outstanding performance and great effort, he rose up the ladder quickly to the senior vice president position. This was an impressive feat for a young business leader. After he had garnered vast knowledge and experience, he co-founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2010. He has been in the executive search Industry for the past 15 years and has extensive expertise in hedge fund compensation, staffing, and hiring strategies.

Dynamic Search Partners success stems from long-lasting relationships it forms with its candidates and clients. These strong relationships have served as the foundation for its business thus enabling it to build an extensive network and offer a robust level of services over the past decade.

Mann is also renowned for his philanthropist work; regularly he assists different organizations to setup up charitable events. In 2008, he put together a mixer for Hopes & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund, which raises approximately $8,000 for the organization. Mann also collaborates with Uncommon School. The mission of Uncommon School is to aid children from disadvantaged background get ready for higher education. Dynamic Search Partners support Uncommon Schools through Donations.

Recently, the firm announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarships for Professional Achievement. This is an award that has been designed to recognize and award the next generation of innovative leaders.

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Spring Cleaning Tips and the Growth of Handy Home Cleaning Service

The spring season provides a perfect opportunity to get your house clean and sorted out. This is important because it will give you a peace of mind and ensure your house remains clutter free during summer. Spring cleaning can be done on a daily, regular, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. Proper and safe spring cleaning should be done using environmentally friendly products and appropriate cleaning equipment’s.

Residential Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning services provided by cleaning service companies include; residential cleaning, window cleaning, recurring cleaning, occasional cleaning and carpet cleaning and maintenance. When it comes to window cleaning, it is much more efficient to use a rubber edged squeegee with handle and warm soapy water. To clean the light bulbs, unscrew the bulb and polish it using moist microfiber clothing. The blinds should be washed once or twice a year. For aluminum blinds, use a non corrosive cleaner and a gentle wood cleaner for wooden blind. When cleaning the refrigerator, wipe all the spills to prevent stains. A vacuum cleaner or brush should be used to remove dust from the condenser coil at least twice a year to prevent overheating.

About Handy

Handy is an online and mobile residential cleaning company that operates in the US, Canada and UK. Since its establishment in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the company has witnessed a phenomenal growth. A report by Jonathan Shieber of TechCrunch shows that in 2014, the company’s bookings per week hit over $4 million. Hanran and Dua attribute the good run to growth of on-demand service economy, which offers a better working model for service professionals and consumers.

About 85% of the company’s revenues come from housecleaning; the remaining 15% comes from handyman and small plumbing services. The company pays its cleaning professionals between $15 to $22 an hour, this amount compares very favorably with other hourly wages in the labor market. Handy recently expanded into furniture delivery and assembly service by establishing a new outfit called Handy Delivery. According to Ingrid Lunden of TechCruch, the company has started by offering a selection living room, bedroom and other furniture from IKEA.

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James Dondero Expertise In Management Of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is an expert in many areas involving Economics and Finance. He is the current president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management since 1993. Since then, Jim has done many benevolent deeds like being endorsed with $2million in the Southern Methodist University in the Tower School Program. He has also worked in the panel of directors of many companies including Nex Bank, American Banknote, Kinder Morgan, American Airls Group and Cornerstone Healthcare among others.

Highland Capital Management is an investment management firm based in Dallas. Since its founding by Jim, it has accumulated diversified types of assets under his management. This includes the field of Healthcare, Real Estate, Stocks and Debt Management among others. Since its founding in 1993, it has reached a worth of $20 billion worth of assets. Lately, it has had its Information and Technology field rise to 18% while the corporation area rose to 12%. HCM has also pioneered the founding of Collateral Loan Obligation (CLO) in its debt management field.

James Dondero studied at the University of Virginia to completion where he majored in economics and finance. It’s from here he gained some outstanding knowledge on the management of finance related fields following graduating with high honors. He has over 25 years of work experience in finance service, Equity and Credit service industry. Since then, his experience in investing in credit and equity markets has had him raise the economy of GIC’s Protective Life to more than $2billion before founding the Highland Capital Management. He is the president and co-founder of HCM. He is also a certified accountant and also a financial analyst.

James is a professional and expert who believe in precision and accuracy in his works. He is a certified financial analyzer. In this specialty, he is an expert in stocks market, real estate and also debt clearing among others. He has been featured in many investment grade corporations and also high yield investment bonds. He has served on many panels and boards of directors in different companies including NexPoint, American Banknote Corporations, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and Cornerstone Healthcare among others.

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Bloomberg and Koch’s free speech comments

Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch came out for freedom of speech today in an article that was oriented towards schools.

The school system, in a piece that was written right during the time of commencement speeches, has been placing an emphasize on political correctness at the expense of free and independent thought. Per Bloomberg and Koch, free thought can sometimes be offensive, but it is essential to preserve the ability for others to speak and think freely, even when it offends. After all, they cite, some of the ideas that are commonly accepted today, such as the basic civil rights and homosexual marriages, were once thought to be offensive and outside of the mainstream.

Koch and Bloomberg both indicated that the two of them do not hold all beliefs in common, but do feel strongly that the rights of freedom of speech and independent thought is not frowned upon, particularly at the University level. The two billionaires are worried at the impact that school administrators, teachers, and even peers of students have played in stamping out independent thought through criticisms as well as through metered punishments. Doing so can have real long term impacts on society as they can stifle creativity of individuals and limit the ability of individuals to both see different opinions, to tolerate others, and to innovate and be creative.

Charles Koch is currently a major owner and board member of Koch Industries, a diversified conglomerate that sells a wide spectrum of products and services. Koch is well known for both his philanthropic efforts (his name even graces the dinosaur hall of the Natural Museum of History) as well as for his support of various Republican politicians.

Bloomberg, also a Republican, is a former mayor of New York City and the founder of Bloomberg terminals, the Bloomberg radio and news channel, and owner of a diversified media network.

Koch and Bloomberg seemed concerned with the uniformity of ideas and in rhetoric that is coming out of universities and are preaching their own brand of tolerance, that is based on the American ideal of freedom of speech that never goes out of fashion.

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Stephen Murray: An Innovative Mind

Someone like Stephen Murray isn’t grown on trees and doesn’t come along every day, that is without a shadow of a doubt. He is what you call a diamond in the rough and one-of-a-kind. He was always looking out for others, thinking of others, and caring about others. He loved giving back and loved seeing the smile it put on other people’s faces.

That is the sign of a true hero and icon in every sense of the word. While many might know him for his wonderful work as a private equity investor, he was also a philanthropist. This wasn’t the kind of thing he liked to brag about or show off for others. Stephen was never about puffing out his shoulders and getting all the credit. You can also learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He was about doing it because it was the right thing to do and the moral thing to do. Out of everything, that is what he would want to be most remembered for in terms of his career. However, one cannot overlook or ignore his work as president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital.

They were a private equity firm that worked on buyout and growth equity transactions. For Stephen Murray, it all started when he graduated from Boston College in 1984. That is where he began his rise to the top. He always believed in education and graduated with a degree in economics. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

However, he wasn’t done there, as he earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School. One cannot also overlook his work on the board for such companies as: Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s, Pinnacle Foods, and Legacy Hospital Partners.

However, let’s go back to his philanthropy work again, as it definitely is worth mentioning and talking about. Here are just a few of the charities and organizations that he supported: Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Boston College, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford Museum, and Columbia Business School.

Also, he spent time as the vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College. You see, he never forgot where he came from and where he got his start.

Stephen Murray always made sure to give back, remember his school, and he always looked back fondly on his years at Boston College fondly. They helped shape him into the man and the person that he became, which is one that will always be remembered.

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