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Beneful is Purina’s answer to the surging premium dog food category

The incredibly competitive and ever evolving pet food industry is seeing a revolution in the premium dog foods category. Large companies are entering the premium market segment looking to maintain market share against smaller upstarts pet food companies that have recently made a huge impression with dog owners.

Innovations in dog food have been on the rise with owners willing to pay premium prices for foods that are nutritiously superior than the old standard brands. In Fact, sales figures show that premium dog purchased have risen 45 percent to $10.5 billion in the U.S. since 2009.

The relatively newer company known as Blue Buffalo were one of the pioneers to sell foods that mixed whole grains, fruits and vegetables with premium meats such as lamb and bison. They recently went public this summer, and market speculators are predicting its figures to top $1 billion this year alone.

With this rise in premium dog food sales the larger and well established brands are beginning to invest heavily in their own research and development of crafting the best quality foods. Companies like Purina who have solid reputations for quality are upping their game and creating foods that cater to specific breeds, age categories, and nutritional needs in pets.

Beneful is Purinastore’s answer to the premium foods category. Beneful line of food comes in both dry and wet and is crafted with high quality meats such as chicken, beef, and salmon. Each of these meats is also combined with a signature blended of vegetables. Produce such as spinach, peas, and carrots are blended with beef; carrots, tomatoes and avocado with chicken; and sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots with the salmon.

Beneful has a incredible satisfactory rating with it’s customers and a 97% user recommendation rate. Other Beneful blends that are getting positive facebook feedback are those that target healthy weight, puppy nutrition, and a high protein blend for extremely active breeds. These types of innovations by Purina are helping them to diversify and maintain their reputation as a forward thinking and advanced pet food company.




Fabletics to the Rescue


The big thing that is often an issue when it comes to working out is finding the right workout gear. Some people that work out in their homes may not care much about what they are wearing. A torn t-shirt and sweats may be all that they require. It is becoming much more common for people to workout outside of their homes though. Many companies have gyms inside the building. Others have access to local gyms because they have a gym membership. This group of people will want to do something different. They are going to want to be fashionable when they are working out. Kate Hudson has helped people that aspire to look good as they are jogging or working out in a gym. The Fabletics brand has a lot of cool clothes that are designed just for this purpose.

Fabletics has made it easier for people to workout in style, but the founders of this brand are planning to make it even easier for those customers that want to try on the Fabletics merchandise before they buy.

The team is currently analyzing the demographics and making decisions on where the new stores will be located. Right now the core of the Fabletics stores are located on the east coast. There are stores in places like Delaware and New Jersey. There is also one in California. As time goes the stores will move into a new direction that will saturate a large section of the map. There will be stores in abundance on the east and west coast. There will also be stores in the north and south. Midwest stores are also on the way. This is going to be the best way to get the coverage that is needed to compete with other brands of fitness clothing.

Right now it appears that Kate Hudson is scoping out the competition, and she is doing everything in her power to make the brand successful. The brand has unlimited potential, and she knows that her influence is big. That is why she is the first face that you see as soon as you hit the Fabletics website. This is a very powerful statement because it is a break from what so many other celebrities do.

Celebrities in the past like Jennifer Lopez, Sean Combs and Gwen Stefani have used other models to show off their clothing line. Kate Hudson made the decision to model many of the clothes from her Fabletics brand. She employs some models, but she recognizes the magnitude of her influence.

Chaz Dean creates an outstanding hair product line for everyone to use

The WEN Anti-Frizz Styling Creme is a favorite among the celebrities as Chaz Dean has developed this product in house. His roster of celebrities that seek his knowledge and experience when it comes to hair cutting and color is phenomenal. The Wen anti frizz styling creme is the ultimate light weight solution allowing the user to completely remove the frizz but still keep the over all body, shine and moisture of natural hair. However when using the anti-frizz styling creme the hair is left much stronger and thus reducing breakages to a bare minimum. The client immediately feels the strength gained by the hair while looking full and shiny. This creme alone can last for up to 8 hours giving you the protection you desire for a full day filled with control.

There are several added features which have been confirmed on by users. 95 percent of users say they experienced less breakages just after a single application of the creme. Hair gets up to 80 percent stronger although it is subjected to styling stress and heat. The creme provides ridiculous 8 hour protection against frizz as well as adding even more sheen and luster.

All these claims were confirmed in a recent article by a user who had given the hair product line a thorough testing. This article can be found on and is an in depth user documentation of the cleanser conditioner by WEN. The user was blown away by the shine and luster it created leaving her originally fine hair with extreme volume and reducing the over all oiliness of everyday use by other brands.


FreedomPop Has Grand Expansion Plans in the Works

FreedomPop’s innovative concept of a budget phone that provides a totally, 100% free amount of monthly data, text, and phone service has allowed the company to grow tremendously. Some might wonder how the company is able to make money on such a deal. The CEO, Stephen Stokols, reveals customers are so thrilled with FreedomPop’s service, they upgrade quickly to expanded service. They also are more willing to buy other products from FreedomPop such as new phones or “on the go” modems. Stephen Stokols gave a brilliant interview for RCR Wireless News’ YouTube channel, and the interview covered a lot of unique topics.

One topic fans of the tech world are interested in reading about is the huge influx of venture capital FreedomPop has acquired. The company has raised $50 million in funding, and there are sores of expansion plans in the works. Stokols mentions people all around the world are interested in deals. The phones and service are extremely popular in the United Kingdom thanks to budget-minded customers. About 44%/45% of hose frugal customers end up upgrading to paid services. FreedomPop wants to add more territories and more customers who will just as welcoming to the company.

RCR Wireless has the whole story. Reading the overview, and then check out the online video interview.

Sanjay Shah, GoFundMe, and Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is the British businessman who is also the founder of Autism Rocks. He is a talented businessman and a remarkable philanthropist. He is also the CEO of Solo Capital Partners. Mr. Shah has the hopes of raising funding for the charity Autism Rocks. He does have sound reasons for this GoFundMe endeavor. His reasons include:
* creating awareness of autism
* supporting research
* discovering the cause of autism
* discovering the effects of autism
* to gain an overall better understanding of autism
* obtain needed funding for families who live with autism
Sanjay Shah is an astute businessman who has the skills and the ability to greatly benefit autism and he plays a large role in this entire cause.

GoFundMe and AutismRocks
The GoFundMe campaign is intended to assist the Autism Research Trust. The goal is to gain an understanding of the cause and the affects of autism. Autism Rocks incorporates a passion for music and a love of a child. Sanjay Shah started this campaign with the well-known rapper, Snoop Dogg. The idea was to stage gigs all over the globe in order to raise funding for autism research. Mr. Shah had met the world famous rapper and the idea of Autism Rocks was born. It was the year 2011 when Sanjay Shah’s youngest son was diagnosed with this condition. This is a cause that hold deep meaning for Mr. Shah.

Sanjay Shah Seeking Answers About Autism
Sanjay Shah is a parent who has had his life touched by the autism. He is among many other parents who seek answers about this disorder. Parents who have children with the condition naturally desire a clear understanding of it. This is a condition that affects many families. Mr. Shaw does have a medical background. He had actually studied medicine at King’s College. He had done this prior to his accounting and business studies.

Educated Fabulous Australian Youtuber

Wendy Huang is more than just a pretty face. She is the CEO of StyleAlley, the co-founder of UniMi Cosmetics, and the media personality of The Wonderful World of Wengie. Some may know her as Wengie the famous Australian YouTuber. She is a multi-talent entrepreneur with over 615,000 subscribers and over 29 million views on her YouTube channel. You name it; she has experience in the wide world of marketing.

Rest a sure Wendy is not without credentials. Her success on YouTube was preceded by a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the University of Technology in Sydney, Austria. Presently she has the 5th most subscribed beauty channel on YouTube. To date her videos have gained Wengie over 1 million subscribers. Take a fresh look at job hunting, time management, or financial independence with Wengie. Wendy also leans her advice on relationships, diets, and a verity of products that she has tried and tested.

Her opinions and up beat unique attitude make Wengie a well approachable character to any subscriber male or female. Comparisons of different cultural styles also educate her viewers in a fun quirky elegance. She is an internet big sister and shares her life experiences and lessons from bullies to makeup and boyfriends. OR, if you need a practical real world side of Wengie she got that too. If you think of her as just another girly girl on YouTube think again.

“Wendy is always keen to take on new and challenging things in her life. I’ve never met a person who has more stamina and rigour to persevere and challenge herself with each new encounter,” states Julia. So saying this girl is awesome is an understatement. Wendy is an experienced educated famous Australian Youtuber.