The Diversity Of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is a businessman from the oil and gas industry. The 53 year old oil and gas tycoon is an affiliated board member within one company, spanning across two separate industries. He is considered to be amongst the top tier in international business professionals. His experience also spills over into waste management and the tanning world. Matthew Fleeger attained his undergraduate BA degree in business at Southern Methodist University. His father started Gulf Coast Western oil and gas company in the 1970s. It was Matthew’s ambition to garner the skills required so that when his father passed the torch he would be ready. With a foundation and education consisting of finance and marketing, Matt hit the ground running upon graduation from Southern Methodist University. After graduating, Matthew would accept executive positions serving in numerous gas companies. During the years of 1986 and 1993, Matthew built up his resume working for different oil and gas companies throughout the Texas area, this included his father‘s company Gulf Coast Western. The years of experience that he got has helped propel him in his oil and gas ventures. Fleeger was able to make the smooth transition into the President and Chief Executive Officer roles for Gulf Coast Western. The corporate headquarters for Gulf Coast Western LLC is located in Dallas, Texas. Matthew Fleeger keeps his schedule quite busy as the acting owner of several businesses. Unlike the traditional businessman, Matthew uses his expertise to branch into other industries. His diversity makes him an asset to whatever team he is a part of. Winter Wellness Care Products makes body cleanse products to help their customers achieve optimal health and wellness with their bodies. DHerbs offers a wide range of products to help people feel and look their very best. This winter try out a few of the different products that DHerbs sells to fight off the winter blues so you don’t have a blue holiday season.

If your low immunity system has you down during the winter cold and flu season, then you should check out the DHerbs anti-V formula. The anti-V formula helps to cleanse out the circulatory system. The product contains: lemon balm leaf, saint John’s wort, candy camu berry, garlic, black seed, olive leaf, hyssop herb, mullein leaf, amla fruit, astragalus root, clove buds, maitake mushroom, usnea herb, elderberry fruit, acerola cherry, nopal cactus, eleuthero root, osha root, and goldenseal root. Adults should take three anti-V capsules a day and children should take one capsule. It helps the body fight off illness by boosting the body’s health. It helps to fight off free radicals that may be in your winter environment. Check out  Dherbs at

The DHerbs iron formula can help to boost your body’s ability to heat itself up in the winter time. The iron formula will help to boost your red blood cells. It will also help to improve your circulatory system. The product contains alfalfa, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, chickweed, spinach leaf, burdock root, and pumpkin seed. The product comes in capsules. For the best results, adults should take three capsules per day. It is recommended for children to take only one capsule a day. The product’s ingredients will work together to help you to stay warm this winter season.

You can purchase both of theseDHerbs products on their website They sell both the anti-V formula and the iron formula on the front of their website. Check their website to find out more about their winter related products and other wellness products.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Unique Business Ideas

Vijay Eswaran is an established business leader who is known for being innovative and following a unique course in business. He recently shared his thought on consensus management. Mr. Eswaran firmly believes for one to succeed, they must work along with other people and attributes this to his success. The pool of knowledge brings different approaches and concepts that helps one to better understand or navigate a situation.

In addition, he noted that it is in wisdom to break away from the norm and do something different but appealing to the market. Vijay Eswaran explains that QI Group was born out of disruption. The market at the time was characterized by direct selling, however, he wanted something over and above these that could make him go global. His free-spirited and explorative nature made him to merge direct selling and e-commerce long before anybody else had done it. This was to be applied in a Multi-Level Marketing model.

Mr. Eswaran begins his day with a silent retreat where he is able to engage his mind to meditate and contemplate about his day and the company at large. He is a very busy person who travels a lot around the world. However, he has integrated a system that keeps his update on the business operations remotely via his smartphone. The more he interacts with people, the more viable ideas are born.

About Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is an Asian Elite, the founder and Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. This is a company with a diverse portfolio from real estate developments, telecommunication, retail & direct selling, education to Hospitality. Other than being successful in business, Vijay Eswaran is popular for his philanthropy. He runs the RHYTHM Foundation alongside Vijayaratnam Foundation that empowers the community by improving their welfare, education, mentoring among other things. In 2011, he was honorably listed by Forbes in the Asian list of Heroes of Philanthropy.

Ryan Seacrest Tackles Very Busy Schedule

Ryan Seacrest makes juggling several careers easy. He has been able to get mentorship from the late famous television host, Dick Clark. Clark told him that people want to know that you can work several roles in television and never lose your step. Today, Seacrest lives to pamper his long time girlfriend and drink his favorite glass of wine. There are several people that have been able to compliment Ryan Seacrest including his colleagues for his outstanding job in television. In fact, he’s also celebrated for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation for the youth. His foundation provides children with food, shelter, and an opportunity for education.

Ryan is also the co-host of the popular Live With Kelly and Ryan Show. He’s glad to be a part of the show and put a smile on Kelly Ripa’s face every day. In fact, outside of the show, they’re actually good friends. Seacreast is doing a great job replacing former host Regis Philbin and Michael Strahan of the Good Morning America Show. Together, they have been able to improve their daytime ratings. They have been able to enter the Guinness Book of World Records with the help of their studio audience doing the floss dance.

His other success stories includes the benefits of doing his Live With Ryan podcast. There are over 500,000 fans that tune in to his show daily. Ryan Seacrest is also the producer of the popular E! television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. They have over 8 million viewers that tune in each week to catch the series that features reality show sensation, Kim Kardashian. He’s also the host of the long standing show American Idol with Simon Cowell. They feature popular musical talent that compete for the number one spot on the show. Their stars often go on to become popular A-list artists.

His popular men’s suit collection is available online. His suit features a casual treasure for men. The casual jacket is a favorite among their wearers and continues to be a fan favorite. If you’re interested in learning more about Ryan Seacrest, you’re invited to visit his social media accounts today.

GreenSky: A solution for instant loans

GreenSky is without a doubt one of the best fintechs we have in the world today. Earlier this years, the company was listed as a publicly traded company after fronting its Initial Public Offering (IPO). GreenSky is a financial service provider. They offer point-of-sale services to consumers. Their main role is offering technology that connects the consumer to the regional banks that can avail the funds for various services that the consumer might be interested in. The company works on a fee-based model which enables it to maintain consistent growth. It does not suffer from the challenges that face traditional banks. It is projected that the company might see double-digit growth for the next few decades consistently if the recent trend is anything to go by. In 2017, the firm managed to drive over $3.8 billion to their partnering banks, a record increase of 30 percent from 2016.

How GreenSky Works

The main role of this firm is to connect the borrower and the lender at the point-of-sale. In the process of linking the two parties, it gets paid through the fees charged in facilitating the transactions. In the setup are four parties that form the complete transaction path. There is the customer, the merchant, GreenSky and the bank. It is the merchants who provide services to customers who initiate the process of getting a loan. Mainly, the merchants involved in these transactions are in the healthcare and home improvement fields.

If the homeowner is interested in home maintenance services but lacks sufficient finances at the time to pay for the services, he or she can opt for the option provided by this fintech. It will allow them to get instant access to a loan that will be obtained by the customer. The merchant will initiate the process by taking the details of the customer and sending them digitally to GreenSky system. The fintech will receive the loan details and then talk to a partnering regional bank that is ready to provide the loan. In a short time, the loan will be processed and deposited to the customer who will, in turn, pay the merchant for the services provided.

Dr. Saad Saad – Get Vaccinated ASAP

Parents would always want the best for their kids – that is why even from conception parents would do everything that they can and are access what they are able to, to ensure that the well-being of their child is of utmost certainty. Moms would take all the vitamins she can, rest when she is able to, attend baby yoga exercises, listen to gentle music, practice a very healthy diet and moms will do whatever she can to make sure that the baby is very healthy. And dads (or partner-moms, we’re all for equality here!) do everything in their capability to cater to the needs of the pregnant wife. Partners would attend seminars just to be prepared for when the baby comes out – and when all good fortune is present at the day of birth, a healthy baby is born into the world. Learn more:


But then, that is just the start of the battle – once the baby is born into this world, s/he is exposed to millions and millions of new bacteria that can affect the baby one way or another. That is why through medical advancements and through the help of our doctors, technologists and researchers, we have come to a time where vaccines are available for us so that we may be protected from particular diseases and attacks of viral infections.


Vaccines were made in order to produce an immunity shield for certain lethal viruses. They have been developed from the virus itself to produce and antibody that will serve as a shield for our immune system so that the disease would not even dare touch our bodies.


At this point, it looks like vaccines have nothing to do but keep us healthy and safe from these viral attacks. But some misinformed and misguided group of people have started to think that vaccines are actually bad for us and they cause complications – and these are entirely false. These group of people have spread news and has cause quite a bit of a stir with parents who are taking care of their young and unfortunately some have succumbed to the doubts and fear raised by these anti-vaccine people and are now not opting to vaccinate their children.


Dr. Saad Saad is here to shoo all your doubts away . Dr. Saad Saad is a well-renowned doctor, pediatrician and most of all, a parent himself. And he understands that parents want nothing more than the well being of their young. And he is a proud supporter of the vaccine movement and highly encourages and recommends that everyone must get vaccines to fully end the plague of particular lethal diseases. Furthermore, if we have anyone to listen to concerning vaccines, it’s Dr. Saad Saad because he is a multi-awarded individual in the industries of healthcare and humanitarian efforts.


Sunday Riley Offers Luxury Skincare

Sunday Riley isn’t just a high-quality brand of skincare products. The brand is named after its founder. When Sunday Riley, the person, became dissatisfied with the skincare items currently on the market, she decided to develop her own.

As a cosmetic chemist, she was the perfect person for the job. Her idea was simple: effective products made from the best ingredients. She planned to combine scientifically made active ingredients with natural botanicals in an environmentally friendly way. When she pitched the line to Barneys in 2009, they immediately took it.

The brand didn’t even have a name or full products –only prototypes — at that point. Barneys suggested that Riley use her own name, and Sunday Riley, the brand, was born.

When it comes to quality, you pay for what you get. Sunday Riley uses only the best ingredients in its formulas. It makes them slightly pricey, but not nearly as expensive as “aspirational” custom-made or medical treatments that require a dermatologist.

Sunday Riley, the founder, is committed to creating products that meet high standards. The brand dabbled in creating its own luxury makeup line but wound up discontinuing it to focus on skincare. The makeup was so popular that you can still find it being resold.

The brand’s focus on quality has driven its popularity in ways that traditional marketing couldn’t. Rather than promoting in more old-fashioned ways, Sunday Riley let its products sell themselves by putting them in the hands of social influencers.

When people saw how effective things like Good Genes, Luna Sleeping Night Oil, and C.E.O. Protect + Repair Moisturizer are, they spread the news on social media. From there, sales caught fire.

Barneys now carries Sunday Riley in numerous locations. Even Oprah Winfrey caught on. The media mogul put Sunday Riley on her Favorite Things 2018 list.

Get your Sunday Riley products here:

TMS Health Solutions: Tackling Mental Health through innovation

Clinical depression or Major Depressive Disorder, causes the individual to feel worthless, anxious and even the thought the death is better than existing. It has been recorded by the CDC that roughly 6.7% of people have a depressive encounter this year alone and 14% do so throughout their entire life. More than 40% of people who become patients have clinical depression that cannot and will not be affected by medication. Knowing that, clinical depression won’t simply “disappear” over time.

TMS Health Solutions has been working tirelessly on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy or (TMS) to help patients who are experiencing depression. The way TMS functions is through a strong electromagnet hovering over the part of the brain that centers around how moods are. Magnetic pulses are released to energize the nerves and reduce/remove polarity of neurons. There’s no surgical procedure or anesthetic necessary and following the sessions, patients will be fine to continue normally.

Starting in Northern California in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermudes, TMS Health Solutions’ mission was to give a fresh, forward-thinking approach to psychiatric care for patients and making enormous leaps for psychiatry as a whole. With TMS, their practitioners always aim to find innovative ways to offer therapy and help patients receive a stellar experience.

Meet the experts:

Approved by the FDA back in 2008, TMS therapy carefully and efficiently treats clinical depression, more specifically treatment-resistant depression where patients cannot be helped by antidepressants and standard psychotherapy. TMS, contrary to antidepressants, has little side effects that happen to patients.

TMS therapy takes place inside of a physician’s office and happens over the course of a month to six weeks, from Monday through Friday and each treatment session can run 30 minutes to an hour long. There is a chance that an extra three weeks of treatment is needed.

Jacob Gottlieb Launches Latest Healthcare Industry Focused Hedge Fund

There are hedge fund managers who invest exclusively in one particular industry. For Jacob Gottlieb of New York City, owner of the hedge fund management firm Altium Capital, that industry is healthcare. He has a college degree and interned as a medical doctor so investing in healthcare firms was right up his alley. He primarily invests in small to mid-cap sized healthcare companies that have innovative products not available through anyone else.

He just started this company in June 2018. The first investment Jacob Gottlieb made was in Oramed Pharmaceuticals. Purchasing a 5.61 percent stake, he is highly confident in their FDA approved products which includes their orally ingestible insulin capsule. A oral treatment for diabetics has been a long-pursued goal for many pharmaceutical firms.

Dublin, Ireland’s Amarin was Jacob Gottlieb’s second investment. He sees a great deal of promise in the drugs they are developing to help people improve their cardiovascular health. This company had their first FDA-approved Drug, Vascepa, approved for use six years ago.

Jacob Gottlieb has been working as a professional investor since 1998. He started out as a researcher at small hedge fund management firm, Sanford C. Bernstein, LLC. He was hired to provide his investment guidance for investing in healthcare firms all over the globe. Two years later he joined Merlin where he was one of their portfolio managers and proved himself to be highly skilled in this position.

He became an entrepreneur the following year. Jacob Gottlieb co-founded Balyasny Asset Mangement where he was their top earning portfolio manager. In 2005, he founded Visium Asset Management. This company hit its peak in 2016 when it was managing $8 billion in assets, all invested in healthcare firms. He had to close this company, though, after other people engaged in insider trading which unfortunately impacted his company.


Neurocore is a research company that focuses its energy on neurological conditions and how that affects what works in the brain. The reason that the research group did this was first so they could understand neurological and physiological disorders a lot better. The other thing that they were looking for was proof that those with depression, anxiety, and more actually had different brain functions than someone with no problems at all. What they found was just that and so much more because by finding that they were able to then pin point if natural treatments would work on correcting the function of the brain. So the Neurocore spent many years in their small research centers trying to develop ways that could train the brain to work correctly. Read more about Neurocore at

While this was highly experimental after so long they knew they had to start testing out the theories to know without a doubt if this could one day be a real treatment for people. So the company put out the word and people will kinds of problems that medication didn’t work for came to them wanting to participate in hopes that they could get some help. For these test subjects many of them felt they had nothing to lose anyway but everything to gain. So Neurocore gave them therapy and brain training exercises taking frequent brain scans of the patients and seeing if there was any progress being made towards a normal brain function. The patients though were instructed that this therapy would not work if they didn’t put the work in at home as well because it was something that needed to be done frequently not just in the office as this was not a magic pill. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

That left it in the hands of the patients much of the time but they kept journals and were diligent about keeping up with the brain training. Those that did what was asked showed improvement and the scans showed their brain function was at least closer to a normal function than what it was. When it came to what the patients felt many felt better and felt that they were able to cope better with their lives.