How to succeed in life

Josh Verne is a prosperous entrepreneur who has accumulated more than twenty years of experience in the industry. He focuses on initializing, selling and growing of businesses. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of His success in the industry is due to the one quote by Jonathan Swift that he sticks to “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”


He states that there are two different types of people in managerial positions, a leader and a boss. A boss demands utmost respect from his employees and expects them to do exactly what he says. A leader puts the welfare of his employees ahead of his and they set their goals together hence earning their respect. For a person to successful in the entrepreneurial industry and life in general, he should be a leader who practices leadership qualities.


Josh Verne explains that every deal you agree should be a win-win and not a win-lose. The deal should always result in a win for you, your clients, employees and the society in general. No matter how dire a condition looks, there will always be a way of creating a win situation for everyone. When you settle for a win-lose situation, you will always have to find the appropriate solution when faced with an unexpected challenge. The win-win situation always results in skyrocketing your business and reputation.


Josh Verne uses the example of having two ears and one mouth for a specific reason. You should always listen more and speak less. This will increase your knowledge capacity. The less you indulge in speaking, the more the authority and power of your words. People will always listen keenly to what you say.


He encourages all individuals to have balanced lives. Having all the money in the world does not make you happy. A healthy life and a happy family should be a priority for everyone. Balancing is more of making substantial progress in all aspects of life like relationships, personal growth, health and wealth. It is not all about spending an equal amount of time to all the aspects but spending enough time to ensure that you always grow.

Davos Real Estate Group Launches the Davos CAP Calculator

Davos Real Estate Group (REG), a leading real estate company, recently launched a new real estate mobile app, the Davos CAP Calculator. Davos REG is a subsidiary of the Davos Financial Group, a world-renowned group that offers quality financial advice to its clients. The company is performing exceptionally under the leadership of Mr. David Osio, the founder and CEO of the Davos Financial Group. Davos REG has a customer-focused approach to developing new products and services and formulating business strategies. This approach gives them a competitive edge in the industry as clients are always satisfied with their products and services. Referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations have therefore contributed a great deal to the company’s growth over the years.


The New App


The Davos Cap Calculator was developed by Tecknolution, a leading technology solutions company, over a period of 6 months. The design and development of the app was overseen by Mr. Gerard Gonzalez, one of the directors at Davos REG. Through the application, clients can calculate an estimate of the returns to expect from their investments in real estate. It takes account of the transaction costs and all other expenses involved, such as renovations and agency fees, and therefore gives the investor an idea of the net gain to expect from the property.


The new app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, but Davos REG plans to improve to make it compatible with other devices as well.According to the directors at REG, the company plans to develop more apps to complement the Davos CAP Calculator. The new applications will feature a mortgage calculator and one of the apps will enable clients to search for properties to invest in and connect with Davos real estate agents.


About David Osio


David Osio is an expert in the financial markets and has had many successful business ventures. He has extensive experience and expertise in the finance industry, having served as Vice President of an international bank in Miami among other high-profile positions. His career in the finance industry began over two decades ago.Although he studied law in college, he discovered he was more passionate about the financial markets and decided to follow his heart. He has provided excellent leadership to the Davos Financial Group, his own brainchild, since its establishment.




The new real estate apps will result in an amazing customer experience when clients are searching for properties to purchase and will therefore tremendously boost Davos REG’s revenue. Mr. Osio and the other executives at the company are excited about the launch of this new app and look forward to receiving feedback from its clients who have tried using it. They plan to take advantage of technological advancements to serve their customers more efficiently and consequently increase their market share. This will lead to exponential growth in the company’s operations.



Nationwide Title Clearing: Servicing the Mortgage Industry since 1991

Nationwide Title Clearing is a research and document processing service provider that was founded in 1991. Some of the services that they offer include lien releasing, document retrieval & tracking, and property records. NTC’s headquarters is in Palm Harbor, Florida. It recently opened a branch in Dallas, Texas. NTC has a team of experts who have experience in tracking and ensuring that documents fit the county requirements of the recording jurisdiction. NTC works with the majority of the top mortgage lenders in the nation because of its reliable service. NTC has been recognized for its contributions to the community. They won the Hire Power award from Inc. for two consecutive years. The company was also number 26 on the fastest growing list of Tampa Bay companies in 2013.


NTC launched a training program in September last year. The program is focused on training people who work in the mortgage industry. The training is on the fundamentals of the industry and the relevance of each process. The goal of the program is to increase the number of professionals and improve the quality of services that are offered. The curriculum has been in development at NTC for a long time. It was revised to make sure that it was nothing but the best. The company’s compliance means that students of the program are guaranteed to get relevant information. It can also be offered at the client’s location.


Errors in title deeds have caused wrongful foreclosures and made transferring of assets in the market a long process in some cases. NTC realized that securing property reports was one of the easiest ways of solving this problem and that is why their new website allows you to order a property report online. Property records present a clearer picture of titles and make it easier to spot errors. This means that titles can be corrected before the property is sold.


Title defects can be attributed to some reasons such as failure to include a required signature, failure to follow the right procedures when filing, and failure to remove previous encumbrances. All of these issues are trivial, but they are costly when they are not corrected. Property reports that are available from the site include Tax Status reports, Current Owner Reports, and Assignment Verification Report Services.


These reports are compiled from land records. All the records of residential properties in the country are present. NTC ensures that the records are accurate by using automation and human verification so that they offer the best services to those that they serve. The process of securing a report has been made smoother by NTC because they customize reports to match the included data sets.

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Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope’s Vision for Tomorrow

Technology entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jason Hope is a forward thinking visionary dedicated to the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT). One of his main purposes in life is to help develop and uncover ways in which society can improve the health and increase the lifespans of humans everywhere. For instance, Hope advocates putting additional monetary resources and human capital toward health prevention measures in order to alleviate sicknesses and many preventable diseases dampening the lives of humans across the globe.

Rapid technological advancements and the integration of networking into old-fashioned, low-tech medical and health devices will hasten the improvement of health outcomes by opening new avenues of health solutions not yet conceived. Jason Hope publicly supports the SENS foundation as well as giving many smaller grants to Arizona entrepreneurs working in the health care and technology spaces.

Jason Hope has two degrees from Arizona State University and continues to support the Arizona community both financially and by providing an example for future leaders and tech entrepreneurs. With a strong dedication to giving and philanthropy, Hope expresses his foremost desire to lift up the world with his ideas and inspire technology entrepreneurs and health professionals by sharing his vision for the future.

Hope consistently shows this dedication through his work, charitable giving and his writings. His work, vision and philanthropic endeavors prove he practices what he preaches and truly believes in this mission. He dedicates his time and energy into this worthwhile cause and uses his platform to share with the world these innovative ideas. He also asks that everyone find it within themselves to help the advancement of medical and health technologies by giving and assisting those working towards these efforts.

As a tech entrepreneur, philanthropist and futurist, Jason Hope also encourage those up and coming business leaders with his new vision of tomorrow and even bigger ideas. He accepts proposals for grants in amounts of up to five thousand dollars to entrepreneurs that share and expand on his vision. In an effort to support innovation, which coincide with his passions of technology, health care and the advancement of human health, Jason Hope’s grants help foster the budding of new technologies and markets.

In a global world that is rapidly becoming smaller and smaller, Jason Hope pushes his mission forward one step at a time, with sustained effort and a clarity of purpose that will ultimately transform the world as we know it.

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Don Sorensen Explains How To Manage Your Online Reputation

Many have sought after the wisdom of the online reputation management expert known as Don Sorensen. Sorensen has been featured on websites such as Forbes, the New York Times, USA Today, and several more. The expertise he displayed in this press review is particularly prevalent in the era of the Internet. Companies are quickly realizing that if they do not adapt their marketing strategies to the standards of the Internet, then others are going to control their reputation. This means that a rival company will control how the public perceives them. For this reason, it is particularly important to take the advice of experts such as Sorensen.

Control Search Results

If you are an executive with a cell phone provider, the last thing that you want is another cell phone provider to dictate the search results yielded by Google or Yahoo when people research your company. As a preventative and proactive measure, Sorensen urges companies to purchase multiple domain names, each of which will feature the company brand. He suggests that on these pages, standard SEO practices are implemented. For example, utilizing long-form content by producing a home page of at least 1000 words that describe the mission and philosophy of the company. This will basically ensure that if anybody searches for your brand, your website will be the first result they find.

Watch Product And Company Reviews

The consumer has a lot more power than she used to. If she has bad service in a restaurant, she can politely say that she will have to write a negative review, probably incentivizing the manager to upgrade her service. People take Reputation Defender reviews seriously. Typically, if somebody goes to an auto-mechanic, they will see what their reputation is like based on the customer reviews. They want to know if the mechanic has a reputation for honesty or if he is just trying to get every last dollar out of his customers. The same principle can be applied to any business. Sorensen advices that companies install a widget allowing reviews on the website so that they can monitor them and guard against potential fake reviews from rivals.


Securus Corrects misleading information presented by GTL

Global Tel Link published gross inaccuracies against Securus Technologies in a press release made on February 19th, 2016. Securus has since come out to defend itself and show the errors in GTL’s claims. Securus has argued that the inaccurate press release was nothing but misleading. Securus has corrected the information in several press releases. Securus issued some clarifications concerning GTL’s misleading press release.


Securus Technologies published information correcting the inaccurate statements on June 9, 2016. Securus is a leading provider of local solutions and criminal justice for correction facilities. It corrected the wrong information presented by GTL. Securus came out clearly stating that information released by GTL were misleading and inaccurate. The company corrected every bit of information submitted by GTL.


The first allegation filed by GTL was that of the decision made by US Patent Trial and Appeal Board. GTL stated that the decision allowed them to seek damages and injunctions against Securus for infringement lawsuits. However, Securus corrected this inaccuracy saying that the issue had been rectified in the Texas federal court. GTL was only trying to seek any relief indicating that they will strive to pursue the matter in the District Court. Securus said that it is moving forward to the hearing of the patent. The patent has not been validated, and GTL cannot seek damages and injunctions as it claims.


According to Securus Technologies CEO, Richard Smith, Global Tel Link has followed an unlawful approach to get ahead of its competitors. GTL is aware that the patent litigations cost millions of dollars to pursue. Obtaining take a long time and could run for many years. Securus Technologies has since questioned methods used by Global Tel Link if they work in the best interest of the company. Securus Technologies is a corporation with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It has increasingly grown to be the largest provider of communication and technology to correction facilities.



Avi Weisfogel, Expert Dentistry and Dental Sleep Medicine

Avi Weisfogel is a doctor of dentistry who offers a unique approach to treating sleep disordered breathing. He and his staff help their patients through his company, Dental Sleep Masters and his dental practice at Old Bridge Dental Care. He has achieved great success as a dentist receiving “best dentist” awards repeatedly in his practice in Old Bridge, NJ. He takes at least 200 hours of continuing dental education annually to maintain a proficiency in all the latest dental technology. One such educational decision led him to open Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. This practice takes dental care to a new level, introducing the dental component often found in treating sleep disorders.


Currently, Avi uses oral appliances to help patients with sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, snoring and other disturbances. He also trains other dentists to become proficient in aiding their patients with sleep disorders. His sleep disorder patients range from overweight and average weight adults to children with chronically enlarged tonsils.


Avi Weisfogel considers the field of dentistry very exciting, which is one of the reasons he has excelled and expanded his practice. He routinely treats patients who were turned away from other dentists and manages to successfully treat their dental issues. His dental practice is very active, but in addition to traditional dentistry, he is a diplomat for American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. For more than 25 years the academy has been in existence successfully treating sleep disorders that can be improved orally. It has grown substantially since its inception and it is poised to double that growth in the near future.


Avi Weisfogel’s dental expertise has led him to expand his practice to multiple dental offices and to own and operate Dental Sleep Masters. His goal is to improve every smile. In fact, he has been instrumental is raising funds to aid in paying for surgeries to correct cleft lips, cleft palate, and other deformities.


With the concern that Avi practices his dental care, his patients are truly fortunate. Whether they select his care for simple dentistry or something more difficult to discern such as sleep disorders, he provides expert care with a sincere desire to help.

FreedomPop Solves the Question: Should the Internet be Free?

Every once in awhile the question will arise – Should access to the Internet be free? It seems as though the global exchange of information in real time has become just as essential as requesting a glass of water at a restaurant, free of charge of course. From students to parents, blue collar and white collar workers, the homeless and the elite, fast and sometimes life-saving communications and information shared on the internet has become crucial to our existence in this modern tech-driven society.


The obvious response to the question of free wi-fi and voice is – who will bear the costs of the needed infrastructure and staff? Well, according to a FreedomPop review, this company has developed an interesting service model which offers limited cell phone and internet access that would fit many individuals who otherwise cannot afford the increasing costs of big box cellular services.


As a start-up, FreedomPop established over 10 million hotspots over the United States and charged just $5 per month for a basic cellular voice and data plan. They successfully took a big bite out of the four big carriers who failed to acknowledge the large base of potential customers who required light usage and demanded low fees. The current FreedomPop service model clearly demonstrates that cellular and wi-fi access can be offered for free, along with an ala carte, or add-on as needed option, to provide flexible, affordable, and convenient access to this modern day lifeline. A summary of the company’s plan includes:



  • 500MB of 4G cellular service
  • 200 voice minutes and unlimited texting
  • no required contract or cancellation fees
  • hotspots on the extensive Sprint network
  • $10 ‘top up plan’ to purchase additional access
  • 1 year free service plan
  • low cost $10.99/month after first year



Rather than gouge the consumer with unnecessary fees, $80 to $100 rigid service plans common to the big four cellular carriers, and high priced gigabyte data, FreedomPop generously offers a $20/month unlimited everything plan that rivals the big four. Along with access to one the most extensive networks in the world, the company has also added a line of LTE phones and the iPhone 5 to its mobile provider lineup, offering all customers a high-end, voice and data experience without compromise.


Through innovative thinking and a consumer-oriented mission, access to a minimum level of free internet and voice or highly affordable services are not only possible but should also be expected. FreedomPop has challenged the big Four Carriers to refocus and rethink their service models to include a broader clip of our society, and its needs.

Squaw Valley Informs The Public About Upper Mountain’s Water Quality

Recently, Squaw Valley provided a detailed statement regarding the water quality at its facility. It was made in response to the recent news regarding the presence of coliform and E.coli bacteria in the resort’s upper mountain drinking water. The prospective health concern was initially reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health on November 8 on Experts were dispatched to the location to test the water. After undertaking several tests, they confirmed the presence of the bacteria in the water.

Squaw Valley ski resort and water safety experts undertook extensive treatment procedures. After a few days, the water started showing signs of improvements. According to Wesley Nicks, out of the four wells serving the upper mountain, three are indicating low levels of coliform. The wells are also E.coli free. Nicks is the director in charge of environmental health in Placer County.

Upper mountain restaurants are currently not in operation. However, because of the health concerns skiers are not permitted to drink water from the affected wells until it has been certified as fit for consumption. Presently, no health problem has been reported. In addition, people are to go to the resort to engage in top-to-bottom skiing.

In a recent statement, Liesl Kenney made a comprehensive statement regarding the quality of water at the Squaw Valley upper mountain. Kenney is Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows’ public relations director. In the statement, Kenney pointed out that the cause of the contamination is the heavy rainstorm that affected a number of water systems in Placer County. Because of the unusual storm, an upgraded water system at Gold Coast and High Camp was overwhelmed. This system was installed during the summer. The resulting flood led to the contamination of the system. The health concerns were limited to that specific system. None of Squaw Valley’s other water systems were affected. However, there are no worries regarding consumption of the water by the public, as the bacteria were detected in time.

Following detection of the issue after routine testing, Squaw Valley contacted Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Service District. The ski resort also swiftly moved to consult with other water safety professionals. With the help of these experts, Squaw Valley took appropriate steps to address the concern. It will also continue with the treatment of the affected system’s water until it is free from the bacteria. Squaw Valley will not use the water at Gold Coast and High Camp until the experts and health officials certify the water clean.

Squaw Valley values the safety of its customers. As solution to the issue is being worked out, Squaw Valley guests at Gold Coast and High Camp will continue to enjoy normal services. They will have full access to Squaw Valley facilities. They will be offered free bottled water. The resort will continue updating guests about the progress of the treatment process as availed by health officials and experts. In conclusion, Kenney noted that the ski resort would like to appreciate Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District for their help and ongoing cooperation.

Handy Is Growing As A Normal Housecleaning Service

Not long ago, Handy announced that they had reached about $52 million in their run rate, quite a step for a company that was entering a fairly competitive housecleaning independent contractor market. This company has tapped into the mobile on-demand market by building a platform for customers to schedule a fairly inexpensive housecleaning, while at the same time Handy workers can practically build their own customer base while on the job. Handy isn’t just simply a home cleaning app, you can sometimes find plumbers in the area for various plumbing work, but most of the services offered are standard home cleaning. They are now starting to include furniture delivery in their list of services.

Handy was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, two entrepreneurs who saw how Uber was changing the way cab services were offered, and they decided to test the house cleaning market in a similar fashion. When a user downloads Handy,, they can then schedule a booking for a cleaning, and the cleaning professional gets money credited to them, though there are cancellation options that are allowed within certain windows. Handy workers have the flexibility to take a job that comes up in their area, or if they so choose they can take the day off.

Workers must provide their own cleaning equipment and transportation, and Handy does background checks on each worker to make sure customers are kept safe. Customers don’t even have to be at home to schedule a cleaning with the way that Handy works. Handy has made certain features easier to access and opt out of, such as repeat cleaning services and retention bonuses. While it’s true that workers can make as much as $22 an hour from cleaning, many of them work this job less than 10 hours in a given week.