EOS lip balm holders are extremely popular

Lip balm is an essential part of daily life. People love wearing lip balm because it keeps their lips moist and protects them from the sun. There are several popular lip balm brands on the marketplace today, but EOS lip balm is probably the most popular brand. EOS has risen to popularity for several important reasons. EOS is possible the… Read more »

The Need to Know on Mike Baur and The Swiss Startup Factory

Many have heard the name Mike Baur in terms of business, and that is because Mike is one of the world’s best businessmen and entrepreneurs out there. As a Swiss businessman, it should come as no surprise that Mike is the Co-founder and also the managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. For more than 20 years, Baur worked within… Read more »

Thor Halvorssen’s Unique Way of Fighting Against the Abuse of Human Rights

For a long time, human rights activists have been perceived as individuals who just sit in their comfortable offices and talk about human rights. Thor Halvorssen is one man that is striving to change the stereotype associated with human rights activists like himself. As such, Halvorssen is a hands-on person who displays vigor in his endeavors to champion for human… Read more »

The SEC offers a Lucrative Award to a Whistleblower who was represented by Labaton Sucharow.

Labaton Sucharow is a reputable law firm that pioneered the provision of whistleblower representation after the formation of the SEC whistleblower representation program in 2010. The company has been dedicated to offering its services to any individual who voluntarily decides to inform the Securities and Exchange Commission on the illegal operations of any business in the financial sector. The SEC… Read more »

A Week with Wen

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The well known brand, Wen by Chaz, http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html makes some major claims of bedazzlement when it comes to fabulous hair makeovers. Wen is a unique hair care system that fits into one bottle, exchanging the ritualistic shampoo and conditioner combo, plus additional conditioning products, into a cleansing conditioner which comes free of harsh substances typical of ordinary shampoos. Wen synergies… Read more »


Founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, Town Residential is New York’s best residential firm. The company focuses on guiding residents of New York City on the best places to settle as well as the best market prices available in property management. Amongst the services offered by Town Residential are: Sales Leasing Marketing Property Development New York is one of the… Read more »

Have You Ever Truly Met a Jack of All Traits?

I am sure you have heard of a jack of all traits, well a perfect example of a jack of all traits is Avi Weisfogel. Not only is he an exceptional doctor committed to treating patients dealing with sleep disorders, he is also involved in charity work, business ventures, social media, videos, and music. Charity Work When Avi Weisfogel is… Read more »